Cob vs Full - What's the difference?

Cob vs Full - What's the difference?

What's the difference?

A cob is traditionally a draft type pony. Typically of a stout build, with strong bones, large joints, and steady disposition, it is a body type of horse rather than a specific breed. Historically, in the United Kingdom and, to a lesser extent, the eastern United States, a 'cob' may be a common horse used for everyday riding but in the past was used for driving carts.

The term continues to be widely used to describe this type of horse in the United Kingdom, but less so in North America. In the United States, the term "cob" is primarily used to describe the Welsh cob, and in the sizing of bridles for horses, designating a smaller size that will fit not only the Welsh cob, but also many Morgans, Arabians, some American Quarter Horses, and other horses with short, triangular-shaped heads.

The term cob is often used when shopping for gear, but it doesn't tell the whole story.  Your best bet when buying products is to make sure you have good measurements of your horse, depending on what product it is you're shopping for, and then compare against the listed measurements for the product in question. 

A full size would likely fit most horses, and a lot of products are adjustable enough within the range of normal for a "full" sized horse.  Of course if your horse is quite large, you'll be looking for "large breed", "extended sizing" or "extra large". 

At, we provide detailed sizing charts to assist with your order so you can make sure you're getting a product that will fit your horse perfectly.  And if not, of course we offer free returns, less one way of shipping charge.