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Why Choose TailCinch

Unlike conventional tie methods that can damage your horse's hair, cause discomfort on the tail dock, or are just plain slow (think: hand tying!) TailCinch™ is made of high-quality elastic, faux leather, and velcro with silicone grips for a strong yet gentle hold. They go on quick and come off quick for those quick ties on the go.

We've improved our design over time to create the best solution that really holds and gives a fashionable look without compromising on your horse's comfort and safety.

NOTE: TailCinches are not for use overnight or in turnout. For that, check out our brand new product, the Tailboot!

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Hands down the best. I will never use tailbags again.
These protect tails from just about everything

Carrie S.

I couldn’t braid a tail for competition if my life depended on it. With tail cinch my horses tail looks just like a pro did it and it takes less than 5 min.


There was a little hesitation at first and after 1 game our grooms won’t leave the barn without them. They love them! They work great and look amazing.

Brandey H.

What a game changer!! No more tape and looks fab!!
Love them!!

Ali V.

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